Political/Social Issues

Children Overboard

Australian Women’s Weekly :: 28-09-2007

In the six years since the `Children Overboard’ affair first confronted the nation, nearly all the people on board that overcrowded Indonesian fishing vessel have been given permanent residency in Australia. Most of them live today in Sydney and Melbourne, although a few families have built new lives for themselves in Perth. David Leser speaks to one of the Iraqi asylum seekers and to a young Australian sailor who helped rescue them on that historic day.

Global Warming

Australian Women’s Weekly :: 28-02-2007

Global warming has become such a pressing issue that, as governments fail to act, individual Australians are being galvanised into action in a bid to help save the earth.

The Sanctuary

Australian Women’s Weekly :: 28-01-2008

They may be celebrities or the super-rich but when they go off the rails who do they turn to? David Leser discovers an Australian refuge that nurtures the battered bodies and egos of the seriously rich and famous when their addictions and low self-esteem threaten to overwhelm them.

The Search For Happiness

Australian Women’s Weekly :: 30-09-2007

What does it mean to be happy – and where do we find it? David Leser goes in search of glee at an international conference on happiness, to discover there’s no single path to a life of contentment.

The Bali Bombing: Paradise Lost

Australian Women’s Weekly :: 28-11-2002

Humanity in the midst of horror, hope in the midst of grief. In the aftermath of the Bali bombings David Leser reflects on the past, present and future of this once carefree holiday island as it takes slow and painful steps towards healing.

Bali: Lest We Forget

Australian Women’s Weekly :: 28-09-2003

The Bali bombings killed 202 people, 88 of them Australian. Coming to terms with the tragedy is a journey of mind, body and spirit writes David Leser as the first anniversary approaches.

Fatherhood: Bringing Up Boys

Australian Women’s Weekly :: 28-08-2004

The path from boyhood to manhood has never been easy, but the current crisis in masculinity is devastating a generation of young men and the society they live in.

Behind The Wire

Australian Women’s Weekly :: 30-06-2002

As this story was being prepared a visiting United Nations team had just branded Australia’s mandatory detention system a “gross abuse of human rights” and spoken of the “collective depression” affecting detainees.

Oasis of Peace: An experiment in Middle East peace-making

Good Weekend :: 03-09-1997

The Jewish child learns to hate and fear the Arab. In his mind the Arab is primitive, calculating and violent. The Arab is bred with similar bigotry. The Jew cannot be trusted. He is the all-conquering outsider.
Except In the village of Neve Shalom/Wahat al-Salam which stands as a unique experiment in reconciliation.

The Destruction of Tasmania’s Forests

Italian Vanity Fair :: 13-02-2008

Death of Innocence: When a Child Kills

Good Weekend :: 28-06-1996

The story of a four week old baby killed by a three year-old.

The Naked Truth: Inside the Wonderful World of Nudism

HQ Magazine :: 29-07-1991

David Leser enters the wild and wonderful world of a nudist colony

Jerusalem: City of Faith

Australian Women’s Weekly :: 20-12-2010

A city that has survived a millennia of conflict to be the complex and fascinating place it is today, Jerusalem is like no other city in the world.

Two For The Road

Good Weekend :: 23-10-2010

Blame the music, the whiskey or the leprechauns but when David Leser and a friend organise a boys own tour of the Emerald Isle they have the time of the middle of their lives.

Farewell My Lovely

Good Weekend :: 03-05-1997

Nehru called Bali “the Morning of the World.” Investors, including the Soeharto clan, are calling it a goldmine. As development fever takes over, paradise is in danger of sinking under the weight of garbage and golf balls.

Welcome to Australia – Down and Out in the Lucky Country

Good Weekend in the Weekend Australian :: 12-09-1998

They came to us full of hope.  Skilled, committed migrants, grateful for the invitation. But no-one warned them that the welcome mat had been removed and disaster lay in wait. David Leser uncovers a nation’s shameful secret.

The Final Siren – The South Sydney Football Club Story

Good Weekend in the Weekend Australian :: 13-11-1999

For most of the 20th century, South Sydney played a never-say-die brand of football, giving a loyal, tight-knit community its memories, its stories and its greatest moments of joy and despair.  In the end, the club’s nemesis wasn’t a marauding opposition pack of forwards, but an implacable corporate juggernaut.

The Lost Men: When Men Lose Their Jobs

Good Weekend :: 25-03-2000

Once they waited for the gold watch that rewarded years of loyal service.  Now they wait for the axe to fall.  They’re senior white-collar workers in a lean, mean, “downsized” world… and the next job they lose could well be their last.

What Lies Beneath

Good Weekend :: 13-08-2011

While the exploitation of underground coal seam gas promises riches for energy companies, in many parts of rural Australia it is causing deep uneasiness – and driving an unlikely opposition alliance of green activists and conservative farmers.

Welcome To The Pleasure Dome

Good Weekend :: 31-03-2012

Saturated with sun, sand and sex, Ibiza is renowned as one of the world�s hedonistic hot spots. Journeying there expecting one helluva party, David Leser is not in any way disappointed


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    Social issues these days are mostly related to poverty and health insurance. We would really love all social issues to be solved by the government. *”:,’

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