Healing Heart

Good Weekend :: 14-05-2011

Two years ago, Izzeldin Abuelaish lost three beloved daughters in an Israeli tank attack. Yet the famed Palestinian doctor refuses to let hate fill his soul. He explains why to David Leser

Julian Assange – Wikileaks’ Man On The Run

Italian Vanity Fair (with translation) :: 05-01-2011

Nearly two decades ago in the hills outside Melbourne Julian Assange would go to sleep in the early hours of the morning dreaming of police raids. He would hear footsteps on the driveway gravel, see shadowy figures hovering near his house, and imagine armed police bursting through his backdoor at dawn.

Kim Beazley

Sydney Morning Herald :: 10-09-1998

Fat, cuddly, long-winded, affable Kim Beazley wanted to lead Australia. Here David Leser looks at politics Mr Nice to see whether he has the appetite to lead his nation.

Russell Crowe

Australian Women’s Weekly :: 28-11-2003

A genius on screen, but maligned for loutish behaviour off it, Russell Crowe is a man who looks back in anger, but mellows when it comes to wife Danielle and his soon-to-be-born son.

Peter Garrett

HQ magazine :: 03-11-1990

The man who would be king. David Leser looks at Peter Garrett, the politician masquerading as the lead singer of Australia’s most socially and environmentally conscious rock band.

Peter and The Wolves

Good Weekend :: 12-08-2009

Translating songs on the pop stage into action on the political stage was never going to be easy, but to his critics Peter Garrett has failed more spectacularly than they ever imagined. David Leser talks to the former rocker now in a very hard place

Michael Gudinski

HQ :: 08-09-1991

Record company boss, international promoter, music publisher, merchandiser, band manager, booking agent, industry powerbroker and impresario-at-large. Michael Gudinski has been all this and more.

Sir Edmund Hillary: The Man Who Conquered Everest

Australian Women’s Weekly :: 28-03-2003

Sir Edmund Hillary was a modest New Zealand beekeeper driven by a passion to prove himself, when, aged 33, he defied death and nature’s fury to become the first man to conquer Everest

Paul Hogan: The Accidental Actor

Australian Women’s Weekly :: 28-03-2004

To his surprise he became the best-known Aussie in the world. He loved it, yet none of this changed what was really important to Paul Hogan.

John Howard

Sydney Morning Herald :: 03-09-1998

John Howard says he loves Bob Dylan. For the music, not the lyrics. David Leser explores the character of Australian prime minister, John Howard, and how well he listens to the melodies and songlines of his country.

Michael Kroger – The Player

Good Weekend :: 06-12-1997

He’s friends with Peter Costello, James Packer and Malcolm Fraser. He has connections, a taste for French furniture and his own merchant bank. Wilier, smoother and more ruthless than most, Michael Kroger plays a hidden hand as Liberal Party powerbroker, the architect and the destroyer of vaulting ambition

Heath Ledger

Vanity Fair
Two years after Heath Ledger scandalised sections of middle America with his near- miraculous performance as a gay cowboy, he would light up the screen with another tour de force, this time as the lovelorn, heroin-soaked poet, Dan, in the Australian cult movie, Candy.

John Marsden

Good Weekend :: 13-11-1995

John Marsden has written more than 17 books; sold more than a million copies worldwide and won – or been shortlisted – for all the major awards for young adult literature in Australia. At the time of writing his book, Tomorrow When The War Began, had been re-printed 18 times

Peter O’Connor

Good Weekend :: 10-10-1995

Peter O’Connor is not your average Australian male. Meet the man whose life’s work has been to explore the male psyche and the true meaning of the mid-life crisis.

Eckhart Tolle and the Power of Now

Australian Women’s Weekly :: 28-01-2009

Oprah Winfrey loved it. Millions more have bought it. The self-help best seller, The Power of Now, has turned the German-born writer, Eckhart Tolle into a spiritual guru.

Mordechai Vanunu – The Man They Won’t Set Free

Good Weekend :: 25-09-1999

In 1986 a young Jewish scientist revealed Israel’s nuclear secrets to the world.  He has been in Jail ever since.  now, on the 13th anniversary of Mordechai Vanunu’s capture by Mossad, David Leser tells why Israel can’t forgive its most famous prisoner of conscience.


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