Bronwyn Bishop: A Woman In Search of Power (Text Publishing 1994):

Bronwyn Bishop has been called many things – Boadicea, a Centurion tank, a Rottweiler with lipstick, the Dallas Cowboys in drag, Attila the Hen, the senator from hell, and Ilsa, she-wolf of North Sydney. She has been attacked, lampooned, parodied and impersonated. To her credit she has always bounced back.

The Whites of Their Eyes (Allen & Unwin 1999):

This is a compellilng anthology of 22 profiles, from Richard Carleton to Alan Jones, Mary Fairfax to Xena, Warrior Princess, Andrew Denton to Rose Hancock. Using a combination of impeccable research, fearless interrogation, an acute eye for detail and a deft touch with the pen, David Leser has drawn profiles of characters who are in turns triumphant, brilliant, fatally flawed, courageous and compassionate.

Somebody Save Me (Allen & Unwin 2002):

A collection of articles which tackles the big ethical issues of the last decade. From the politics of heroin to the moral conundrums that occur when a small child kills another. From business ethics to Tibet, Bali, the Middle East and the politics of immigration.

Dames and Divas (Media 21 2006):

There are lines of inquiry that you can follow with a good number of women; depths that you can plumb, ways of inspecting the world, and being in the world, that you cannot go to as readily with men. Here is a collection of interviews with 21 remarkable women.

A woman in Pursuit of Power by David LeserDavid Leser The Whites of their Eyes
Purchase "Somebody Save Me"David Leser Dames and Divas


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