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Ayaan Hirsi Ali: Enemy of Islam

Australian Women’s Weekly :: 28-06-2007

Her strident views on Islam have earned the Somali-born author, film-maker, politician and human rights campaigner, Ayaan Hirsi Ali, fame, a Nobel Peace Prize nomination, controversy – and countless death threats.

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The Revolutionary with the Golden Tongue – The Hanan Ashrawi Story

HQ Magazine :: 01-02-1994

Hanan Ashrawi was pulled out of academe to be the mouthpiece for the Palestinian cause: Arafat’s woman in Washington.  Her mission?  To make the world see the suffering beyond the stone-throwing.  David Leser looks at the woman, her political sisters and intrigues behind the peace talks.

Ingrid Betancourt
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Rising Out of the Ashes: The story of Ingrid Betancourt

Australian Women’s Weekly :: 28-08-2011

Held as a prisoner in the Amazon jungle, Ingrid Betancourt was chained, starved and raped by her captors. Yet, it was not knowing whether she’d ever be free again that almost destroyed her. She talks to David Leser about the joy of freedom and a former life lost forever

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The Life and Death of Florence Broadhurst

Australian Women’s Weekly :: 28-07-2006

Thirty years after her vicious and still unsolved murder, an enigmatic Australian has become an international trendsetter. David Leser looks at the fascinating and colourful life of wallpaper designer Florence Broadhurst.

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Carla Bruni

Australian Women’s Weekly
Former model-turned-musician Carla Bruni-Sarkozy has garnered strong reactions as France’s First Lady. This story looks beyond the headlines at the most powerful woman in France

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Helen Clark: Yes Prime Minister

Australian Women’s Weekly :: 28-10-2001

At a time of heightened cross-Tasman tensions, she is a politician who breaks the mould. Helen Clark, New Zealand’s PM, is a woman who knows where she and her nation are going – and it’s not following Australia’s lead.

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Princess Diana

Australian Women’s Weekly
Celebrated editor Tina Brown’s sensational new book The Diana Chronicles reveals the princess as she has never been seen before. In an exclusive interview David Leser talks to the author about her controversial portrait of the princess and the royal world she loathed so much

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Collette Dinnigan: An Australian in Paris

Australian Women’s Weekly :: 28-11-2005

After 10 years on the catwalks of Paris and the must-have lists of celebrities, Collette Dinnigan’s designs are well-known but this hot-ticket Aussie is less willing to reveal her private life.

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Helen Garner

Good Weekend
Helen Garner long ago established herself as the strongest and clearest post 1960s feminist voice in Australian writing. Here she talks to David Leser about feminism, writing and the sexual harassment case that stirred a nation.

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Vanessa Gorman: A Gift From Layla

Australian Women’s Weekly :: 28-09-2002

The death at birth of Vanessa Gorman’s longed-for baby, Layla, was played out in heartbreaking honesty on ABC-TV’s Australian Story. Now, in a life-affirming postscript, Vanessa welcomes her newborn son, Raphael.

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Germaine Greer

Australian Women’s Weekly
Trailblazing feminist Germaine Greer is unstoppable and impossible to ignore. David Leser talks to one of our favourite and most controversial Australians about the myths and realities of her life

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Pauline Hanson

Good Weekend :: 30-11-1996

It’s not just the nation that has been divided by this woman: upheavals and acrimony have characterised her family life as well. How has Pauline Hanson inspired such loyalty and loathing?

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Janet Holmes a Court: The Time of Her Life

Australian Women’s Weekly :: 28-02-2005

Australia’s “dream boss” and Living National Treasure. Janet Holmes a Court, stunned the business world when she took over her late husband Robert’s corporate empire and made a success of it. She talks candidly to David Leser about her roles as wife, mother and business mogul.

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Petrea King – An Angel on Earth

Australian Womans Weekly :: 01-01-2011

Twenty six years ago, Petrea King was told she had three months to live. The former nurse defied the odds and dedicated her life to soothing people’s pain and bringing peace of mind to the dying, writes David Leser.

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The McCartney Sisters: Sisters In Arms

Australian Women’s Weekly :: 28-11-2005

Praised by presidents and celebrated for their courage, Ireland’s fearless McCartney sisters have taken on the IRA to avenge the murder of their brother.

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Malika Oufkir: From a Palace to a Prison

Australian Women’s Weekly :: 28-11-2001

It’s a story that beggars belief – a whole family is thrown into an isolated Moroccan prison for the sins of the father and left to rot for 20 years. Here she tells her amazing story to David Leser.

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Fran Peavey and the Politics of the Heart

Good Weekend :: 20-05-1998

Founder of the international movement, Heart Politics, Fran Peavey is delicious, living proof that agents for social change come in all shapes and sizes.

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Gina Rinehart and Rose Porteous: A Battle of Wills

Good Weekend :: 04-04-1998

It’s the family feud to end them all. The lonely rich-girl daughter versus the flashy widow; claims and counterclaims of deathbed bullying; stolen wills and adulterous plotting. At stake? The vast mining empire of Lang Hancock. But after six poisonous years and endless legal wars, is either woman closer to the spoils?

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Our Richest Woman’s Family Feud

Australian Women’s Weekly :: 28-01-2012

Fate has given Gina Rinehart both blessings and curses – unimaginable wealth and poisoned personal relationships. On her way to becoming the richest woman on the planet, writes David Leser, the “Iron Maiden” has fought numerous court cases and now finds herself in a bitter battle with three of her four children.

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Fiona Stanley: The Children’s Champion

Australian Women’s Weekly :: 01-01-2004

Australian of the year for 2003 has charmed us with her passion and intelligence. Now as the end of her 12-month term approaches she talks about how she has fought to turn the tide of our society from one where economic values dominate, to one which places human values – particularly the early care of children – first.

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Margaret Whitlam

Australian Women’s Weekly :: 28-09-2006

She was the Prime Minister’s wife who has refused to live in her husband’s shadow. David Leser talks to Margaret Whitlam about Gough Whitlam, The Dismissal and growing old.

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Fiona Wood: Thank God for Fiona

Australian Women’s Weekly :: 28-10-2005

She was the saviour of so many Bali burns victims in 2002 and the co-inventor of a revolutionary spray-on skin but outgoing Australian of the Year, Fiona Wood, won’t stop there.

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Xena, Warrior Princess

Good Weekend :: 30-01-1999

She’s a feminist role model, a hit with the kids and a lesbian icon. Most men don’t mind her either. A valiant David Leser sets out on a quest to discover the myth and mystique  of Lucy Lawless, aka Xena, Warrior Princess.

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High Flyer

Good Weekend :: 26-05-2012

She built a career on making millions for the rich, but her true achievement has been using her legal and financial nous to make money for the world’s poorest. David Leser meets the ISIS Foundation’s Audette Exel in Kathmandu


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