The Arts

Irina Baronova: The Dance Of Life

Australian Women’s Weekly :: 28-09-2005

Kings and queens, dictators, film stars and giants of the art world have all worshipped at the feet of legendary Russian ballerina Irina Baronova. Here she tells David Leser about her extraordinary and colourful life.

Who Is Justin Bieber?

Australian Women’s Weekly :: 28-06-2011

He’s the floppy-haired teen at the top of the pop music tree, but is Justin Bieber a formidable talent or a marketing ploy? Whatever the answer, David Leser discovers that Bieber Fever is here to stay. For a while anyway.

Barbara Blackman: A Poetic Life

Australian Women’s Weekly :: 01-01-2005

Writer and poet Barbara Blackman brought up three children, nurtured her artist husband Charles’ gift, made their home the hub of Australia’s art clrcle and, she explains here, made her blindness a corridor to a different sort of existence.

The Art and Life of Judy Cassab

Australian Women’s Weekly :: 28-08-2003

Famed for her vivid portraits and major art awards – including two Archibald Prizes – Judy Cassab has survived Nazi persecution, poverty and enjoyed a great, enduring love. Here she reveals her amazing story.

Dame Edna Everage wins over the Yanks

Australian Women’s Weekly :: 30-09-2001

Superstar housewife Dame Edna Everage has taken the US by storm on a hugely popular tour. Her alter-ego, Barry Humphries, has hidden behind the glasses and glitz for years, but here we enter the mind of Edna’s comlex.

Margaret Fink

Australian Women’s Weekly
Bohemian wild child and friend of the famous and infamous, film producer Margaret Fink talks to David Leser about the highs and lows of her amazing life.

Neil Finn – Something so strong

Good Weekend in the Weekend Australian :: 20-06-1998

Crowded House seemed unstoppable; then Neil Finn decided to pull the plug and return to New Zealand.  David Leser met the singer there and found a man balancing domestic tranquility against the edgy darkness of his own imagination.

Slava Grigoryan – The World at his Fingertips

Good Weekend in the Weekend Australian
Slava Grigoryan is a 2O-year-old who drinks, chases girls and plays pool with his mates. He is also a guitar virtuoso who is being hailed as Australia’s next John Williams.

A.D. Hope: The Rime Of The Ancient Bludgeoner

Good Weekend :: 14-01-1989

At eight years of age he had written a 52-stanza poem for his mother on the virtues of Christianity. By the time he died was the patriarch of Australian poetry.

Anjelica Huston – Daughter of a Dynasty

Australian Women’s Weekly
Oscar-winning actress Anjelica Huston tells David Leser how she gave up dating rogues such as Jack Nicholson, dealt with the hearbreak of never being a mother and now has an “impossibly happy” relationship.


Good Weekend :: 29-05-2010

He’s a wave-riding, solar-powered soft rock phenomenon. David Leser talks to Jack Johnson about how he turned his naturally laidback lifestyle into a stellar career

Asher Keddie: The Girl Who Played Ita

Australian Women’s Weekly :: 28-08-2011

From Ita’s lisp to Blanche’s vulnerability, Asher Keddie has made celebrity roles her own. Yet there’s more to this versatile actress than mere mimicry, as David Leser discovers

Paul Kelly

HQ Magazine :: 02-06-1991

His songs make even hard-headed rock veterans weep. Meet Paul Kelly, arguably the finest songwriter Australia has produced.

Norma Khouri: The Inside Story of a Disgraced Author

Australian Women’s Weekly :: 28-02-2007

Feted then demonised, Norma Khouri, author of the best-selling book, Forbidden Love, was revealed as a fake. On the eve of a new film about her, David Leser asks Norma why she conned him and thousands of others.

Make Love, Not War … Unless You’re My Daughter

Australian Women’s Weekly :: 28-05-2011

Richard Neville hit the headlines in the 1960s as the co-founder of Oz magazine and advocate of free love. Yet, as David Leser discovers, when it came to raising his daughters, he was nothing if not prudish.

Robyn Nevin

Australian Women’s Weekly :: 28-03-2008

Robyn Nevin is a legend of Australian theatre. David Leser meets the charismatic – and sometimes controversial – actor-director as she prepares to step back on stage in a one-woman play directed by Cate Blanchett

Margaret Olley

Australian Women’s Weekly :: 28-02-2008

Amid the eclectic clutter of her home – the source of inspiration for much of her lifetime’s work – iconic Australian artist Margaret Olley talks frankly about life, work and growing old

The Bomb Thrower from Lower Snug – the Cassandra Pybus story

Good Weekend in the Weekend Australian :: 31-07-1999

To some, Cassandra Pybus is the fearless, vigilant outsider, a bold exposer of cant and hypocrisy.  To her enemies, still reeling from bruising encounters, she is an arrogant troublemaker.  Even the writer herself admits to being high-handed.  Stand by for her latest literary missile.

Susan Sarandon

Australian Women’s Weekly :: 28-06-2006

Would you fly 31,000 kilometres to spend an hour with someone. David Leser would, but only if that someone was Susan Sarandon

Shay Stafford – Memoirs of an Aussie Showgirl

Australian Womans Weekly :: 01-11-2010

Shay Stafford went from tapping down the aisle at Woolies to twirling in a banana costume in BrisVegas. Yet when she became a showgirl at Paris’ famed Moulin Rouge, she found love. David Leser tells her story.

Meryl Streep: The Greatest Actress of Her Time

Australian Women’s Weekly :: 28-01-2012

She is being hailed for her portrayal of former British PM Margaret Thatcher, but off-screen, Meryl Streep is a much-loved wife and mother of four. Here she talks to David Leser about life and all its choices.

Richard Wherrett

Good Weekend
Meet Richard Wherrett, the man they once called Australian theatre’s most powerful individual

Piano Forte – Roger Woodward

Good Weekend :: 19-05-1999

Overlooked or overbearing? In search of the real Roger Woodward. To his supporters, he’s a pianist’s pianist, a brilliant virtuoso, overlooked and misunderstood. To his detractors, he’s demanding, obsessive and difficult. Is Roger Woodward his own worst enemy?


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