Richard Carleton

Good Weekend :: 07-01-1995

He was once hailed as the best political interviewer in Australia and then he joined 60 Minutes. Whatever happened to TV’s clever Dick

Andrew Denton: Dark Side of the Loon

Good Weekend :: 25-01-1997

His sharp mind and quick repartee spark a comedy that is both shocking and hilarious. But stop laughing – under that funnyman exterior, the guy is really serious and sad.

Mary Fairfax

HQ magazine :: 15-02-1991

A figure of romance or vengeance? A Jewess or a Christian? A family maker or an empire breaker. Meet Mary Fairfax, the woman at the centre of an Australian media empire in ruin and a family filled with bad blood.

Oriana Fallaci

HQ magazine :: 23-09-1993

At her height she was one of the most famous – if not the most famous female journalists in the world. Here in this exclusive interview, Oriana Fallaci, talks to David Leser about love, death, writing and the phenomenon of being an Italian superstar

Who’s Afraid Of Alan Jones

Good Weekend :: 14-11-1998

He led the Wallabies to glory and inspired schoolboys to win glittering prizes. On radio, his words can swing voters, crush hopes and send share prices tumbling. Alan Jones’s is a world of credits and debits, loyalty and influence. Play it his way and he’s yours for life; cross him and he’ll never let you forget it.

Anna Murdoch: Love, Betrayal and Life after Rupert

Australian Women’s Weekly :: 28-07-2001

For 31 years she was married to one of the world’s most powerful men, News Corp chief Rupert Murdoch. Since their sudden break-up three years ago, Anna Murdoch Mann has retained a dignified silence. Now, in this exclusive interview, she speaks for the first time about what really happened to their marriage.

Dame Elisabeth Murdoch: Nothing Like a Dame

Australian Women’s Weekly :: 28-05-2003

At 94, Dame Elisabeth Murdoch is the modest matriarch of one of the world’s most powerful families. Strong and compassionate, spirited and independent, she talks candidly about her son, controversial media mogul, Rupert, her grandchildren and her own remarkable life.

June Newton: The Reluctant Muse

Australian Women’s Weekly :: 28-05-2005

June Newton was an actress and a painter, who became famed portrait photographer Alice Springs. She was also the muse and wife of provocative photographer Helmut Newton. Now, some 16 months after his death, June talks about love, sex and her life after Helmut.

The King of Spin

Good Weekend :: 29-10-2011

He’s cheated on his wife, his mistress, given into beer and cigarettes, and had an extreme makeover, yet Shane Warne’s popularity only climbs upward. David Leser on a celebrity phenomenon.


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